Friday, November 22, 2013

Plan your happy weekend - 22-24 November

Hunger Games Marathon

The weather is not very inspiring, but thank God it’s almost weekend and planning your free days always helps. It will be quite a full weekend, with a lot of events and new things to try.
First on my list is Hunger Games – Catching Fire, that for me is the film of the year. I loved the first one; it was the first movie that turned out better than the book. I remember I had zero expectations when I went to the cinema two years ago and it was one of the most entertaining experiences ever. Since then I fell in love with Jennifer Lawrence – how can a person be so cool in her early twenties? She has that coolness and brightness that you have to be born with. Of course, after seeing the movie I went to buy all the three books and I read them all in less than three days. Catching Fire was last on my preference list which makes me even more curious about the movie. And speaking of that, did you see the pictures with the costumes? Amazing!
So don’t forget, today at 19:00 at Utopolis and Belval starts the Hunger Games Marathon. The price of the ticket for both movies is 14.80 euro.

Metz Christmas market

Source: Metz Tourism

Saturdays are always good for day trips so I would suggest visiting the Christmas market in Metz, the opening day is November 23 and it will definitely cheer you up. It’s always amazing to discover how the same market concept is different from place to place. Plus, with 3 million people visiting each year the Christmas market in Metz is considered as France’s second most visited market after that of Strasbourg. The cosy chalets are spread over 5 sites - Place de la République, Place Saint Louis, Place de la Gare, Place Saint-Jacques and rue des Clercs. 

Coffee tasting at Golden Bean

Source: Golden Bean

Of course, after so many exciting events, a day of rest would be perfect. I’ve been thinking of tasting the coffee from Golden Bean in the city center, where specialized baristas promise real coffee experience. Apparently it’s the best place for coffee in Luxembourg, so I definitely have to give it a try. I’m more into Italian espresso in the morning and cappuccino after lunch so I’m curious how my Sunday coffee break will look like. Plus I’ve heard they have an amazing carrot cake bakes by two girls from Sweden…

Golden Bean
23, rue Chimay
L-1333 Luxembourg

Have a great and inspiring weekend!

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