Monday, November 4, 2013

Cake quest - Rivoli and Foret Noir

Weekends in Luxembourg always look like a cake quest, as I try to taste as many sweets as possible. I always have the same schedule – Saturday at Oberweis and Sunday at Chocolate House.
My all time favorite from Oberweis is the Ile Flottante – three incredibly light egg yolk scoops filled with raspberry jelly floating in a delicious Crème Anglaise, but for some reason it’s not available any more.
So for a change I tried a new one – the Rivoli – with white chocolate, apricot mousse and vanilla cream, a very delicate and fluffy creation that reminds of the effervescent shopping street from Paris. 

 I don’t really like the new Oberweis in the city center, the deco is too cold and office for my taste, I prefer the more classic locations from Auchan Kirchberg, Cloche d’Or or Cora Bertrange.
As for Chocolate House, they have also stopped making my favorite cheese and cherry tart (I think it’s because of the season).

So I went back to one of my old delights, the Foret Noir cake.Their cakes are as huge as always, so make sure you have a light lunch before going there.

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