Friday, November 1, 2013

Sundays in Luxembourg – Ms Mr concert at Den Atelier

For those who like to go out and about, planning a Sunday in Luxembourg can be difficult. As locals dedicate this day to long lunches with family and friends and the shops are usually closed, finding a new and exciting thing to do (except going to a movie or sleep) is not a piece of cake. But things start to change (kind of slow it’s true) and I’ve seen more and more initiatives meant to entertain us on Sundays.
That’s why, every Friday you will find here ideas for a perfect Sunday out and about in Luxembourg. 

The Ms Mr concert at Den Atelier

“Le pont” is the favorite word when it comes to public holidays, as we all love making bridges that in the end create long weekends. For those of you who are not too tired after this short holiday and come back to Lux on Sunday evening, Ms Mr is playing at Den Atelier. The duo - Lizzy Plapinger and Max Hershenow - comes from New York and they have launched the debut album, Secondhand Rapture in 2013.
I remember that when Lizzy’s voice first hit my ears (I was in the car listening to the radio) it was like falling under a spell, the same kind that Lana del Rey casts on me.
They have a cool and entrancing sound and all the reviews say that their performance is very authentic, so I’m looking forward to seeing them live.
Ms Mr came in the spotlight when the first song that they recorded, Bones, was selected for the season three trailer of Game of Thornes, a huge audience for the band. 

But my favorite is Hurricane, a song about the Irene storm that hit the Northeast in 2011. Max wrote the music as the storm was on its way out of New York and emailed it to Lizzy who was writing storm lyrics the previous night, so the song was done in notime.

Their latest single is Think of you, described as a Taylor Swift moment for Lizzy – is a story about a college boyfriend that hurt her. 

If you’re interested in spending your Sunday evening in an eclectic atmosphere, there are still tickets available online. The doors open at 8 PM and the tickets cost 24 Euros.

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