Monday, November 18, 2013

Mind the quack

I’m a sucker for rubber duckies so this article in the Economist made me so happy as it announced that this cutesinesses finally got where they deserve. It seems that the National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York (I would like to visit that place) inducted the toy in its National Toy Hall of Fame.

The duck, that first splashed the world in the late 1800s, hasn’t lost its appeal judging on the fact that it was the public that had made the nominations. The final selection was made by a committee of toy developers, historians, collectors and psychologists.
If you are as fond as I am of the rubber duck, there are some very creative options available out there.
In Salzburg, Mozart has a rubber version, with ducks available in different sizes and designs in the main souvenir shops. I got mine from a small and cozy shop in the city center and I have to admit it was difficult to choose from so many options.

After Mozart opened my appetite, I discovered in Bruxelles the Bud ducks, created by a company that had the great idea of reinventing these toys. 

Now they are very popular and well known for their “luxury” duck (I have never imagined I would use luxury and duck in the same sentence). What’s interesting about their strategy is that they launch new versions on regular basis, being inspired by different events or news. And no matter what they always bring in their humor. My collection only includes the “La vie en rose” duck, as I have offered the rest as a present.

And last, but not least, my bathroom displays also the “posh” duck, a very dear present from my best friend, that reminds me of one of the most beautiful poster collections I have ever seen Poster Art 150. It’s still on display at The London Transport Museum; if you’re interested you have time to visit it by 5th of January. 

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