Wednesday, November 20, 2013

20.11 – Be Happy Day in Benelux

I have just heard about this event and, while I strongly believe in Tolstoi’s words “If you want to be happy be”, I think that it is always good to have a celebration with such a cheerful theme. 

Source: Pinterest

Because very often we get stuck in our daily routine and worry about so many things that we need something to remind us to be grateful about what we have and enjoy the small things. 

Like the sun for instance that is very precious in Luxembourg and today shines beautifully. 

I have found nice article that talks about choices we make every day (some of them look completely unrelated to our happiness) and that have a huge impact on our mentally and physically state. Click here to find out which are the 10 things that we need to stop doing to be happier.

Personally, when I’m a little down, it always helps to look at my holiday pictures as reliving those beautiful experiences always cheers me up.

Like the eats and drinks of Tuscany
The beautiful street art of Florence
The chairs of Rome

Or the views of Cinque Terre

What makes you happy?

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