Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Avengers or how does humour save the world

The Avengers is every ComicCon fan dream – six superheroes that not only fight the evil Loki, but also fight each other in some scenes satisfying the curiosity of comics geeks who couldn’t help but wonder about the winner of a battle between Iron Man and Thor, or Captain America and the Hulk.

For the rest of us is just a funny and easy film to watch and one more reason to love Robert Downey Jr. who not only saved the world, but brought life in this 200 million $ blockbuster. Because all the special effects and tight polyester suits would be zero without his amazing humour and energy. I will only spoil the scene when Thor yells at Loki in iambic heptameter “You take the world as recompense for your imagined slight”, an antique line that immediately exasperates Iron Man. “Now there’s this guy - Shakespeare in the Park.” And the chemistry between Iron Man and Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) should inspire the producers to launch a film with the two characters.
For me the 3D technology (the film was converted in 3D after production) was just a business decision, so the price of the tickets could be higher, as I didn’t notice any amazing effect that justified the effort of wearing the glasses.
But do you know which is the trendiest and most talk about sport after the release of the Avengers (and The Hunger Games as well)? A sport that inspired even Louis Vuitton to feature a themed window display this month in its stores? 

Well, archery, one of the oldest activities known to man found a new life and the specialized clubs in US report a raise in attendance.

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