Sunday, May 6, 2012

The macarons ancestors from Nancy

The world has been taken over by the French macarons, these soft and crispy, spongy and sweet, gourmet and colourful double-decker cookies invented by Laduree.

In Nancy I have made an important and delicious discovery (for me of course) – the house of the ancestors of these fashionable cookies – the place where all this craziness started. Actually the first cookies of this kind were apparently invented by the Benedictine nuns who were obligated to sell the cookies during the French Revolution to support themselves. 

Every macaron fan can buy the chewy and crunchy cookies from Maison des Soeurs Macarons in Nancy, where they sell for about 8 euro 6 pieces. Don’t expect the same airy consistency of the Laduree macarons – keep in mind that these are almond cookies that use an ancient recipe not so well researched as in the Parisian house case. It’s a different type, but not less delicious.
(21, rue Gambetta, 33-3-8332-2425)

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  1. Magnifiques photos !
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