Monday, April 16, 2012

The best hot chocolate in Luxembourg

At this time of the year I was expecting to start my yearly journey to discover the best ice-cream in the city, but since the sun has sharp teeth and I’m wearing my winter jacket and warm boots, I’m still into hot chocolate. Luckily I have discovered the best place for that right in the heart of Luxembourg, vis-√†-vis from The Duke’s Palace at Chocolate House Bonn.

If you’re like me and try to stay away from tourist traps you could have missed it, but this chocolate house is as authentic and cosy as it should be. Plus it has the biggest cakes possible and around 40 different chocolate spoons to choose from - classic chocolate, with milk, white or noir, to pistachio, curry chocolate (I still haven’t tried). By now, my favourite is the brandy and Bailey’s one. 

They are called hotchiocspoon because the chocolate is „frozen” on a wooden spoon and melts perfectly in a big cup of fresh milk. The biggest challenge is to stop using the spoon like a lollypop and leave it melt in milk.
And for the warm season they prepared a special cold drink also based on chocolate blended with ice-cream and homemade cream...yummy
As far as the cakes are concerned, they are another sweet and complicated story, as my eyes always roll over from one side of the counter to another. The brownie was made in heaven – it’s creamy with a crunchy layer on top and pieces of nuts inside, absolutely delicious. The other names are impossible for me to write, as they are written in a German (or Luxembourgish ?) inaccessible for me to articulate, but I definitely  remember the chocolate and cherry cake covered with a big layer of home-made cream. 

The only sad element at the Chocolate House is the face of the guardian of the palace, who not only has to face the hordes of tourists impressed by his uniform, but is forced to watch all day people eating huge cakes and drinking hot chocolate.

20 r. du Marché-aux-Herbes
1728 Luxembourg, Luxemburg
26 26 20 06

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