Saturday, April 21, 2012

My dream place

It’s been on my bucket list for two years and last weekend I finally got the chance to live my dream. Ever since I saw the first pictures of Keukenhof, the famous flower garden from Netherlands, I had been wanting to set foot in the park. And moving to Luxembourg helped a lot. So after checking the weather situation (yes, the smart phones transformed us in AccuWeather freaks) off we went.
We first saw the huge fields of tulips and experienced the amazing smell, but nothing prepared us for the picture perfect piece of land in Lisse where 7 million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths are in full bloom.

Don’t worry about the parking, you’ll find a place because everything is wisely organized. And don’t forget to buy the parking ticket from the ticket office where you also pay for the entrance – you will need it at the exit. 

There’s a plan available for purchase, but I just prefer to wonder and be surprised by the discoveries I make. So just keep your eyes open and be prepared for the show. And yes, the numbers and data are amazing, the most photographied park, a record number of tulips and so on, but once you’ll arrive the only thing that will count is the capacity of your memory card.

You will instantly feel the energy


Take a deep breath

Walk on water

Fall in love

Discover the windmill

Fight the big crowds for a perfect place

Meet my Josephine’s sisters 

 And a cute black pug that appreciates beautiful things

And just enjoy the show

There’s a boat trip available every hour, but as it was such a busy period we could only find place late in the evening, so we have one more reason to come back.

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