Sunday, April 29, 2012

Great sandwich idea from Keukenhof

Long walks always make me hungry and not even the wonderful tulips from Keukenhof change that, so between two species of flowers we had to stop for a quick snack. The loooong lines kept us away from the restaurants, so we had to be grateful for some sandwiches (Broodjes) with ham and curry mayo. And quite a discovery they were. Then I heard that the Broodjes (sandwiches in English) play such an important role in Dutch culture that they organize not one but two Tastiest Sandwich of the Year competitions.

Since I came back I’ve been eating them every day as I created my own version. So if you are curious here is my recipe for two sandwiches (depending on the size of your bread).


3 tee-spoons of bio mayonnaise
½ tee-spoon of mustard (you can add more depending on your taste)
a pinch of curry powder
ham cut in fine slices
Cut the ham in medium sized slices and grill it in a pan without adding anything else for 2 minutes. Mix the mayo, mustard and curry and spread it on a slice of bread then add the grilled ham. If you have time, you can prepare your own curry mayo, by adding a pinch of curry in the normal mayo recipe. Enjoy!   

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