Sunday, May 6, 2012

Letz Move!

If you are like me and need a push to start exercising, the Ministry of Sport of Luxembourg has launched a very inspiring campaign to promote sport and well being - Letz Move! The interesting thing about this campaign is the website (available in German or French) where one can enter the personal fitness data and keep track of the progress. In return you receive MOVY points – 1 point is the equivalent of let’s say 10 minutes of fast walking.
The website includes some very funny, but eloquent pictures, like the one bellow of the pyramid of move.

After seeing it I felt better, because apparently doing some house work, running for the bus or loving my partner can bring me some points too. You don’t have to exhaust yourself in the gym to get the muscles going – everyone can choose what type of exercise is better for one’s lifestyle.  
I have just started to jog again and I’m planning some exercises in the morning, plus I will continue to rope jump, so I just earned my first MOVY points. What about you?

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